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What are the most important questions I should ask my baker/cake designer? You should ask everyone that you are purchasing food from: Are you licensed, inspected, and insured?  Cakespirations is a licensed North Carolina business founded in 2012.  We operate from a certified commercial kitchen and certified to sell baked goods to the public. Cakespirations is insured by State Farm Insurance. If you want a copy of any document, we will gladly send you a copy. Why is this the above important? It is important to make sure your baker is following these practices for at least two reasons.  1.)  A reception venue has the right to deny your cake's delivery if it was not made by a legal and inspected business (they are protecting themselves from the liability), thus you could not have your cake at your reception.  2.)  If the health department catches an unlicensed baker, they will shut them down and thus, you would not have your cake at your reception and may have lost your deposit.  Don't take the chance, ask! What is the base price for your cakes? Wedding and specialty cake prices start at $6.00 per serving.  The cost varies depending on if you want specialty flavors and what type of decorations you would like.  Wedding sheet cakes are triple layer sheet cakes with a filling to match your wedding cake. Specialty and sculpted cakes will vary in price. Call or email us for more details.
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